Turkish Gulet For sale

Goelette or gulets for sale, whatever you name these beautiful long keel seaworthy vessels which are individually custom built in Turkey, turkish gulet for sale are performing pretty well upwind upto 45 degrees since they are heavier and rigged for extreme conditions. turkish gulet for sale.
The turkish gulets for sale can be ideal for live aboard, home office or commercially viable boutique hotels which can be considered very comfortable with spacious accomodations. Turkish gulets for sale are built on demand and being ordered according to owners desires with utmost quality and design to make your dream come true.

Turkish Gulet for Sale

Goelette, goleta, Caicco, gulet or gulet these elegant vessels were modeled after the traditional turkish gulets for sale cargo ships and fishing boats of the Aegean and eastern mediterranean Sea, designed to take advantage of the excellent sunny weather and soft breezes of the Mediterranean. to enjoy the chrystal clear blue waters surrounded with lush gren pine forests with stable, comfortable and spacious cabins offered with luxury amenities and water toys to Enjoy the Mediterranean sun on board a gulets in secluded bays and spend the night in awesome coves or mooring in a small well sheltered port to make your Holiday incomparable and unforgettable one.